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Dr. Joseph Cersosimo

I would like to thank The Mouse Pad for their years of excellent, professional service to my growing company. Whenever we had a challenge and called for help, The Mouse Pad was right there to get us squared away. The fact is, you never need to concern yourself with computer, network, copier, fax, or any other technology issues while The Mouse Pad is in your corner. This allowed my team to focus on the bottom line, as we built our company.

Dr. Joseph CersosimoNutriMost Savannah
Anita Cantrell

We have worked with the Mouse Pad for over 4 years now for all of our technology needs. We needed new computers, and they built and installed them. When we have IT issues, they are usually here to fix the problem within 10 minutes. They are a great company to work with and they keep us up and running. As we all know, if your systems are down… so is your capability to do work. We highly recommend the Mouse Pad for all your IT needs.

Anita CantrellInsurance AgentRountree Brady Insurance Agency
Dr. Steven Berwitz

The folks at The Mouse Pad are truly “reliably awesome”. They are extremely client-focused and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done. They have come to my business several times to fix a computer or network problem. The Mouse Pad is extremely knowledgeable and will quickly fix whatever problem they are presented with.

Dr. Steven BerwitzSteven G. Berwitz, DMDBerwitz DMD
Dr. Bob Irvine

The Mouse Pad is a great IT company, providing reliable service to the businesses in Savannah. When my office had a problem where critical information was lost, they spent time helping us recover files and setting up measures to prevent the issues from happening in the future. Another great feature to their services is that The Mouse Pad is always available to respond to technical issues.

Dr. Bob IrvineOwnerSylvan Learning Center of Savannah
KC Andrews

The Mouse Pad has truly been “Reliably Awesome” for our company. They understand our specific business needs and are always prompt in handling any need that may arise.

KC AndrewsProducerRountree Brady Insurance Agency
John Sares

The folks at The Mouse Pad were amazing… prompt, professional, and didn’t make us feel like idiots! They took the time to explain what was being done, what the issues were, and how they were going to correct them. This was a breath of fresh air. I will continue to recommend them for all businesses!

Mel Hubbard

Over the past several years I have had occasion to avail myself of the services of the The Mouse Pad and Jeff Wichman.

I am a Real Estate agent in Savannah and as an independent contractor I maintain my primary office in my home. On several occasions The Mouse Pad has come to my rescue by repairing non-functioning equipment and securing my data.

Most recently they came to my aid even though he was heavily involved in a large commercial project at the time. Several weeks ago there was a lightning strike very near my home, the result of which was a fried computer and printer! Given that I work from home this placed me in dire straights!

One call to The Mouse Pad resulted in an immediate response. Within a matter of hours they remoted into the computer an determined that it needed to be taken in for service. Once it was determined that I would need to replace my equipment, I did so as quickly as possible. After I secured new products, The Mouse Pad saved all of my data and transferred everything to the new computer.

Not only did I consider all of this awesome service (and in record time), but then the computer was delivered to my home and installed!

I am, and have been, extremely pleased with the service provided by the team at The Mouse Pad team and in particular Jeff Wichman!

They truly are “Reliably Awesome!”

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