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Hurricane Preparation: “SPULSE” the Worst and Prepare Accordingly


The Mouse Pad, in our Reliably Awesome spirit, have put together an easy to remember method for properly & efficiently preparing your computer devices, printers, and network equipment for secure storage. This practice will also expedite your recovery process after the storm when getting your systems back up and running.

Muster up your best Yosemite Sam accent and “suppose” the worst case scenario.


S P U L S E  ..the building flooded, windows shattered, & the roof was damaged


SHUTDOWN — all devices properly
PHOTOGRAPH — cable connections to devices
UNPLUG — cables from devices and wall outlets
LABEL — equipment by user or location before moving
SECURE  — all equipment in a proper location
ELEVATE — all equipment off of the floors




Here are a few tips & suggestions you may consider when preparing for the storm:

  • Ensure that all computers are properly shut down via the “Shut Down” option in the operating system (Windows or Mac). Do not simply unplug or power off using the power button.
  • Surge protectors, UPS battery backups, and/or power strips should be put in the off position where applicable and unplugged from wall outlets to prevent damage from power surges.
  • PHOTOGRAPH all cable connections to computers, printers, or network devices PRIOR TO DISCONNECTING. This can save hours or even days of delay time (depending on device) when setting back up upon return.
  • Unplug all AC power supplies or adapters (those with a “box” on the cable) with their respective devices and keep them with the device. Blue painters tape is ideal for keeping together. This will save time and also prevent possible electrical damage if used on incompatible device.


All standard cables (data, voice, video, USB, etc.) can be left in place.

  • Avoid throwing masses of various cables for several devices into single boxes or containers.
  • Secure and place all equipment in safe location. Ideally a room without any exterior doors and/pr windows. Avoid storing equipment in any room with a water or gas hook-up (kitchens, bathrooms, janitor closets, etc).
  • Any computer equipment located near a window should be moved or wrapped with light plastic. POWER OFF ALL EQUIPMENT PRIOR to wrapping, as heat build-up can cause device damage or even fire. Plastic should be removed before equipment is powered back on. Large plastic bags and blue painters tape is recommended for wrapping equipment.
  • Ensure that all devices and computers are elevated off of the floor in the event of rising water.
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