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Reliably Awesome.

IT Support

Businesses are often fraught with challenges and obstacles and no more so than in the day to day running of the technology software and hardware, the engine that runs many business activities. The Mouse Pad can become your personal technology staff for supporting all of your systems, networks, and IT resources.

Network Services

We have over 10 years of experience with network technology, from wired networks to mesh WiFi solutions, point to point wireless, firewalls and network security, and advanced routing. Have multiple locations? Give The Mouse Pad a call and we can discuss options for linking your networks together.

Network Surveillance

There are many ways that video surveillance technology can help an organization, from management and customer service to access control and security. Call The Mouse Pad now and discuss the new technologies available in video monitoring and how they can be used in your business.

What our clients are saying about The Mouse Pad

The folks at The Mouse Pad are truly “reliably awesome”. They are extremely client-focused and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done. They have come to my business several times to fix a computer or network problem. The Mouse Pad is extremely knowledgeable and will quickly fix whatever problem they are presented with.

Dr. Steven Berwitz
Dr. Steven BerwitzSteven G. Berwitz, DMDBerwitz DMD

We have worked with the Mouse Pad for over 6 years now for all of our technology needs. We needed new computers, and they built and installed them. When we have IT issues, they are usually here to fix the problem within 10 minutes. They are a great company to work with and they keep us up and running. As we all know, if your systems are down… so is your capability to do work. We highly recommend the Mouse Pad for all your IT needs.

Anita Cantrell
Anita CantrellInsurance AgentRountree Brady Insurance Agency

From start to finish, The Mouse Pad was outstanding to work with. Our hard drive was failing on our main business computer. Not only were they able to diagnose the problem immediately, The Mouse Pad team was able to recover EVERYTHING, and install a new hard drive with all of our files already on it. Now we have software in place to remotely backup all of our files daily on the cloud. I will always use The Mouse Pad and gladly refer them to all of my friends, family, and clients because they truly are Reliably Awesome!!!

Christina McLaughlin
Christina McLaughlinOwner - Window Gang of Savannah

The Mouse Pad is a great IT company, providing reliable service to the businesses in Savannah. When my office had a problem where critical information was lost, they spent time helping us recover files and setting up measures to prevent the issues from happening in the future. Another great feature to their services is that The Mouse Pad is always available to respond to technical issues.

Dr. Bob Irvine
Dr. Bob IrvineOwnerSylvan Learning Center of Savannah

The Mouse Pad has truly been “Reliably Awesome” for our company. They understand our specific business needs and are always prompt in handling any need that may arise.

KC Andrews
KC AndrewsProducerRountree Brady Insurance Agency

I would like to thank The Mouse Pad for their years of excellent, professional service to my growing company. Whenever we had a challenge and called for help, The Mouse Pad was right there to get us squared away. The fact is, you never need to concern yourself with computer, network, copier, fax, or any other technology issues while The Mouse Pad is in your corner. This allowed my team to focus on the bottom line, as we built our company.

Dr. Joseph Cersosimo
Dr. Joseph CersosimoNutriMost Savannah

We were smart enough to call The Mouse Pad when we had an issue with our server. They were amazing! Prompt, professional, and didn’t make us feel like idiots. Their technicians took the time to explain what was going onand how they were going to correct the issue. This was like a breath of fresh air during a chaotic time. We will continue to recommend them to any business in need of awesome IT support!

About The Mouse Pad

The Mouse Pad is a young friendly knowledgeable group of information technology specialists whom have been providing local IT support services to all types of businesses and to private individuals throughout Savannah and the surrounding areas.

The Mouse Pad strives towards enabling clients to fully understand the technology that they are investing in and using in their day to day activities. We want our clients to enjoy the full use of the technology available to them in order to help them optimize their business operations and become industry leaders – however large or small their business may be.

Our personable approach has been one of the major factors consistent in our customer relations and has led to testimonials from clients who often use our services again. We were described as “Reliably Awesome” by one client; this is a label we constantly strive to live up to.

We are not constrained by the large corporate approach to business IT development where the constant replacement of technology is a preferred route. We prefer to place our efforts in carefully analyzing our clients’ unique business models and the available technology before we start implementing solutions. This makes us reactive rather than ‘pre-active’ in our approach to problem solving; we like to see the horse firmly placed in front of the cart. Proper analysis and client communication are the foundations of our local IT support and custom solution processes. Only when we know what you need and want, will we suggest or deploy solutions.

We always use the latest proven technologies where possible but are happy to find ways to use or integrate whatever technologies are on hand. We are well aware of the operational dangers and costs of the constant upgrade process that many businesses suffer from. Our services are not aimed at revenue through hardware sales. We are focused on offering services that enable businesses to make optimal use of their technology and increase their productivity and revenue.

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    Network Design, Wiring & Hardware Installation, Deployment

    The Mouse Pad provides a full network implementation service from the ground up. We start with a general audit of the requirements of the business and the IT and networking services required.

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    Wireless Networking & Security

    Talk to any IT hardware salesperson about your wireless networking and the chances are you will walk out having purchased an armful of wireless routers and some heart-warming words about how fast your new network will be and how easy it will be to get it all working.

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    Security Auditing

    Networks are constantly under attack by those wishing to gain unauthorized access; a constant watch on the latest developments in network security is the only way that The Mouse Pad is able to offer security audits with the confidence that your system will be protected and up-to-the-minute security monitoring software can both advise of attempts to breach security measures and allow us to be pro-active in dealing with any perceived cyber-threat.

  • Surveillance Systems

    There are some staggering statistics about work loss due to employee misbehavior, misuse of company property and even theft and video surveillance can be a very effective way of ensuring that workers are all doing what they are supposed to be doing.
    There are many ways that video surveillance technology can help a person or organization that the best way to see how it can help you is to call The Mouse Pad now and discuss the new technologies available in video monitoring and how they can be used in your situation.

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